How to Apply for Tibet Travel Permit

How to Apply for Tibet Travel Permit of your Tibet Train Tour

Tibet Travel Permit (Tibet Visa) is used as a licence before you enter into Tibet by train, by flight or by road and then during your whole Tibet tour till you depart from Tibet. It is applied in Lhasa by the local Tibet travel agency, such as Tibet Tourism, Tibet Train, and Travel Kailash.

You will need to apply for Tibet Travel Permit as the following steps:
Step 1: Consult online travel agencies, confirm your Tibet train tour and book it
Step 2: Prepare valid passport and China tourist visa
Step 3: Send the copies of valid documents to us (we will use your documents copies, reserved Tibet itinerary, tour guide and car information to apply for your Tibet Travel Permit from TTB.)
Step 4: Get your Tibet Travel Permit before traveling to Tibet

By following the above four simple steps, you will find it is not as difficult as you thought to apply for your Tibet Travel Permit.

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