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The Latest New of Qinghai Tibet Railway during 2021 Spring Festival

According to China Railway Qinghai Tibet Group Co., Ltd., the 2021 Spring Festival transportation lasts 40 days from Jan. 28 to March 8, 2022, and is expected to send 1.4 million passengers on Qinghai-Tibet Railway.

During this year’s Spring Festival transportation, 1) the ticketing service time of 12306 official train ticket website will be extended from 5:00 to 23:30 every day and synchronize the change rules of 12306 website and offline windows, and other train tickets before 24:00 on the same day can also be changed online; 2) online refund ticket processing time is optimized to 24 hours a day, and the refund deadline is adjusted from 25 minutes before departure to before departure at the train station; 3) for passengers who purchase tickets in cash and have obtained reimbursement vouchers, they can first handle refund procedures at 12306 website, and collect refund money at any railway station in China within 180 days; 4) station self-service ticketing equipment adds refund function to meet the needs of passengers who made electronic payment but did get paper reimbursement voucher, and also provides 24-hour all day service.

According to the passenger flow demand of this year’s Spring Festival transportation, Qinghai Tibet group company has opened additional temporary passenger trains from Xining to Golmud and from Xining to Lhasa where the passenger flow is concentrated, and added passenger vehicles in hot directions such as Golmud and Delingha in time to increase the transportation capacity.

In order to fully guarantee offline services for the elderly and off-line people, Qinghai Tibet group company insists on carrying out manual window ticket selling, manual service guidance and manual verification check-in. All manual windows support cash ticket purchasing. 12306 system automatically identifies elderly passengers over 60 years old and gives priority to the arrangement of off-line service, so as to ensure the travel convenience of special key passengers such as the elderly.

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