The Soft Sleeper of Qinghai Tibet Train

What is the Soft Sleeper of the Qinghai-Tibet Train?

The soft sleeper compartment of the Qinghai-Tibet Train is spacious and private, the bedding is comfortable, the sleeper is wide, the environment is safe and tidy, and a lockable door ensures your privacy.

What are there in the soft sleeper of the Tibet Train?

There are 64 soft sleeper berths on a Qinghai-Tibet train. Each soft sleeper compartment has four berths, a small table, foldable ladder, luggage cabinet, TV screen and sliding doors facing the aisle. You can close the door to enjoy your quiet and privacy, or you can sit in a foldable seat and make new friends with others at the aisle table.

There are delicate and soft bedding on the soft sleeper berths, including mattresses, sheets, quilts, pillows and other bedroom decoration accessories. The lower soft sleepers also have back cushions, so you don’t need to lean on the cold hard rails.

On the wall of each berth, there is a reading lamp, TV screen, clothes hanger and foldable net shelf, and you can put your general luggage. You can also find a volume controller and alarm button on the wall.

There is a small table between the two lower berths and you can put some small things, such as boxed food and bottled water, on the table. Under the table, a small trash is used to throw waste paper, etc.

How big is the upper and lower berth?

Each soft sleeper compartment has 2 upper berths and 2 lower berths. Each soft sleeper berth is 75cm (29 inches) wide and 190cm (74 inches) long, and can bear about 300kg (661.4 pounds). weight.

The upper and lower berths of the soft sleeper are comfortable and convenient. Since the upper berth has a headroom of 80 cm, it is not difficult to climb up or sit upright. When the sliding door is locked, you can get a spacious room (90 cm headroom) and privacy in the lower berth. However, if you are traveling to Tibet with children or the elderly, the lower berth is more suitable for you.

Where to put luggage on Tibet Train?

You can put your luggage below the lower sleeper or in the luggage cabinet of each soft sleeper compartment. The space under the lower sleeper is approximately 30 cm (12 inches) high and 75 cm (29 inches) wide, while the luggage cabinet is 50 cm (20 inches) wide and 40 cm (16 inches) high. For convenience, you can put your luggage below the lower berth of the soft sleeper.

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