Qinghai-Tibet Train

Tibet Train from Xining to Lhasa

As the starting city of Qinghai-Tibet railway, Xining has several Tibet trains to Lhasa each day because except direct train from Xining, the trains from other cities also need pass through Xining train station. Taking Tibet train from Xining to Lhasa, passengers will see grassland, gobi, snow-capped mountains, and rare animals soon after boarding the train.

The Train Z6801 runs directly from Xining to Lhasa railway station everey other day. The total rail distance is 1,972km. The riding time is about 21 to 22 hours. For this kind of distance train, a soft sleeper or a hard sleeper is highly recommended which allow a more comfortable trip.

According to the Law of Republic of China, every foreign traveler needs get his Tibet Travel Permit to travel Tibet. Besides, before you go to train ticket window to collect your train ticket, you need prepare a colorful copy of your Tibet Travel Permit.

Timetable and Schedule of Xining to Lhasa Train

Every other day, Train Z6801 runs from Xining to Lhasa, departing from Xining Railway Station at 14:01, and arriving at Lhasa Railway Station on the second day at 11:20 (21hrs 19mins in total).
If you want to go to Tibet from Xining by train, you need take a train 1 day before your Tibet group tour.

Station Altitude Arrival Departure Stop Time Days Distance
Xining 2,200 m 14:01 Day 1 0 km
Delingha 2,982 m 18:03 18:09 6 min Day 1 521 km
Golmud 2,780 m 20:53 21:18 25 min Day 1 830 km
Anduo 4,801m 05:46 05:50 4 min Day 2 1,524 km
Nagchu 4,500 m 07:22 07:28 6 min Day 2 1,650 km
Dangxiong 4,200m 09:05 09:14 9 min Day 2 1,808 km
Lhasa 3,650 m 11:20 Day 2 1,972 km

Timetable and Schedule of Lhasa to Xining Train

Train Z6802 runs from Lhasa to Xining. The starting station is Lhasa Railway Station and the ending station is Xining Railway Station. It takes 21hrs 43mins in total.

Station Altitude Arrival Departure Stop Time Days Distance
Lhasa 3,650 m 09:00 Day 1
Dangxiong 4,200m 10:51 10:55 4 min Day 1 164 km
Nagchu 4,500 m 12:33 12:39 6 min Day 1 322 km
Anduo 4,801m 14:18 14:22 4 min Day 1 448 km
Golmud 2,780 m 23:20 23:45 25 min Day 1 1,142 km
Delingha 2,982 m 02:12 02:18 2 min Day 2 1,478 km
Xining 2,200 m 06:43 Day 2 1,972 km

How much is train from Xining to Lhasa?

Train No. Dep. Arr. Duration Distance Frequency Train Ticket Price
Hard Seat Hard Sleeper Soft Sleeper
Z6801 14:01 11:20 21h19m 1,972km Every other day ¥224 ¥495/507/521 ¥781/¥808

* The train ticket prices above are the net price. However, during Tibet’s peak tourism season period (from End of April to Mid-October, during Chinese Spring Festival and other public holidays in China), due to the shortage of supply, the train ticket demand may greatly exceed the supply and passengers will have to pay more commissions to ticket agency for a train ticket (even as much as the net price) or the train station will ask the passengers to make a flexible travel plan. For example, the passenger may be required to take the train one day prior or later to the original departure date or take a connecting train instead of the direct one.

* Due to the high demand of Tibet Train tickets, the tickets may be issued only 1-9 days before departure. Even though it is uncertain and difficult, Tibet Train would manager to help clients to book train tickets via ticket agency at a reasonable price and promise to offer free service for it.

Timetable and Schedule of other Xining to Lhasa Trains

The Tibet trains from Chengdu, Chongqing, Lanzhou, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai pass through Xining. The following is the timetable. If you enter into Tibet from Xining by train, you can also buy the tickets of these trains.

Starting Station Altitude Train No. Xining Arrival Xining Departure Lhasa Arrival Travel Time
Chengdu 500 m Z322/Z323 12:06 12:26+1 09:55+2 36h18m
Chongqing 400m Z223 12:06 12:26+1 09:55+2 35h43m
Lanzhou 1520m Z917 13:41 14:01 11:20+1 24h00m
Beijing 45m Z21 15:01 15:21+1 12:45+2 40h45m
Guangzhou 50m Z264 19:11 19:31+1 16:45+2 52h53m
Shanghai 16m Z165 21:07 21:27+1 19:35+2 47h27m

Why is Xining to Lhasa Train recommended?

1) As the first train station of Qinghai-Tibet railway, Xining is the quickest railway access to Lhasa. The whole train journey only takes 21-22 hours. International and domestic travelers board the train from Xining train station and soon they will be on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and enjoy the breathtaking scenery through the train windows. On the next day they will arrive at Lhasa train station.

2) Each day, there are at least 5 trains for Lhasa from Xining. All Qinghai-Tibet trains pass through Xining train station. It will be much easier to buy train tickets from Xining than from Beijing, Shanghai, or Chengdu because there is only one train passing these cities.

3) Because Xining’s average altitude is 2,275 meters above sea level, it is considered as the ideal city for travelers to acclimate high altitude. Travelers who worried about altitude sickness were advised to stay in Xining for about 2 -3 days to acclimate the altitude and have a good rest before boarding the train to Tibet.

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